Io viaggiare!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Io viaggiare… I’m traveling!

I will have limited access to my blog, but since I journal all the time, I will be sure to catch up! Now that school is over, I am about to embark on some highly anticipated trips. It feels like it’s been a while since I have traveled! It’s challenging to during the school year with schoolwork, commitments, and whatnot. It doesn’t feel like October break was too long ago though when I was sunbathing in Ibiza and walking the streets of Venice. I can’t wait to just pack my bag and go; I love airports, train stations, and familiar travel scenes. It’s going to be freezing in Budapest; I don’t have a lot of winter clothes, so I’m going to have to bundle up with my layers. I plan on just bringing my backpack and a shoulder bag. Two pairs of pants and a few shirts, my passport, a toothbrush, book, journal, and money. What else could I possibly need? Here’s my travel itinerary from now until 2017; I’m glad I have one day in Florence in between Rome and Budapest to recharge. Safe travels if you are traveling during this busy time of year! Talk soon! xo ~e.

December 18-21: Rome, Italy

December 23-26: Budapest, Hungary

December 26-January 7: Florence, Italy (and hopefully some day trips)

January 5: Rome, Italy (with the parents!)


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