Alone in Flo

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Alone at last in Florence! I’ve been looking forward to having the apartment to myself, but I know I’m going to miss my flatmates after a few days alone here. I had a very productive morning and afternoon. I sent Sarah off in a taxi to the airport after we got a cappuccino at News. Then I did a thorough holiday clean! Swept all the floors, cleaned the bathroom, and went through all my stuff in my room. I recycled practically everything academically from first semester ): It feels good having a clean apartment & room before 2017 rolls in!

I just got finished making this delicious Shepherd’s Pie for myself. I’m about to dig in. Tonight Lauren, Sonia, Lily, and I are going to the Christmas market (mercato di Natale) at Santa Croce one last time then to Tijuana’s for margaritas during happy hour. Tonight I’m going to pack for my four day trip to Rome to see my freshman year roommate, Juliana, and her mom! It’ll be a true Roman holiday. I cannot wait to see both of them and catch up on four years in four days.


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The 102nd Revels was a hit! I loved waking up to see lots of pictures and videos Nicki sent me of the epic Friday night. Both of my ring sisters, Sasha and Maddy, were devils– just like I was! That made me so happy. I cannot wait to see Revels live next year with my classmates and members of the EWS Class of 2017. Emma is a magical campus during this time of year; I missed it a lot.

My parents arrive in two weeks! I was very proud of myself for speaking in Italian to Amorik (the man who runs the convenience store next to our building). I told him my parents were coming, and I am staying in Florence when I’m not traveling to Rome, Germany, Greece, and Ukraine. I guess I learned something in Italian! Although I’m not taking it next semester, I’m going to continue to try and improve my skills and vocabulary.

I hope everyone is staying and safe during the snowstorm at home! I have to say, it is a gorgeous, sunny day in Florence!  xo ~e.



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