Primo semestre è finita

Thursday, December 15, 2016

I am officially a second semester college freshman! One semester down, seven more to go. I don’t know how four months could have possibly gone by so quickly. I guess it has to do with the fact that I spent these past months in Florence.

I had my group speech this morning about Italian coffee culture followed by a latte machiatto with Sash and a lab practical! By lab practical, I mean cooking a salmon dish with Jill, Louis, and Olivia. How’s that for a science final?!

We were the third group to cook, so we had lots of time to prepare our dish. Louis really wanted to get started right away (even though we didn’t have to serve our food until 1:50) after one of the judges suggested we begin. The stubborn chef that I am in the kitchen who likes to do things her way told him firmly that we were going to wait so the food would be hot and fresh. We almost killed each other within the two hour span, but it all worked out since our dish clearly looks pretty good.


I did the salmon and segmented the oranges, Liv and Jill did the mashed potatoes, and Louis did the endives. Voila!


The Fishermen

We presented our dish in front of three judges (one of them took this picture). We had to describe our dish, and I was beyond excited to feel like a contestant on “Chopped” (a show I have been watching for years). I started with “Today we have prepared for you a salmon crusted in almonds accompanied by mashed potatoes and a steamed endive with citrus.” Liv has also seen “Chopped” and knew right away that I was taking our presentation to the next level; she teased me afterwards. We all talked about the nutritional value of the dish and waited anxiously to hear feedback.

The main judge said “You guys are like a brigade. Everything was so organized. The other teams worked in two, but she (as in me) was clearly the head chef giving you all orders!” I couldn’t help but blush, especially after they told us the food was perfect. They said it was well seasoned, and the salmon was cooked perfectly. A++! They even gave us forks and our classmates to try out dish before they finished it themselves. It was one of the most memorable moments I’ve had in the kitchen.

For a celebratory evening, we went out for pizza at Santarpia before watching “You Again” in flat 14. I can’t believe my friends will be flying home tomorrow, and I will be staying in Europe. It’s hard not to think about several months from now when we will all be leaving Florence in May. We are making the most of our time and experience here. I am going to miss my friends throughout this 7 week period! We exchanged cards, hugs, and laughs before wishing each other “Buon viaggi!” It was certainly a semester for the books. xo ~e.


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