Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I’m on Day 3 of my cold, and I’m feeling a little bit better! I’m trying to study a little Italian here and there, sleep, and finish my chicken noodle soup. Since I’ve been lying down a lot, I’ve had the opportunity to do some reflection. And after seeing recent Facebook posts, Tweets, and texts, I was reminded of this special time of year: the release of college decisions.

Emma Willard seniors have already gotten acceptance letters to schools including: Wellesley, Columbia, Union, Boston University, Cornell, and Harvard. I remember anxiously awaiting my early action application decisions during Revels week one year ago from now. It was hard to focus on my role as a devil, let alone eat and sleep. It was tough because I was surrounded by all my classmates who were also stressed about their college decisions. I clearly remember the Friday afternoon when we had our first rehearsal. It was Ivy day, and some girls were hugging their friends and beaming outside of Kiggins, whereas others were in tears. At that point, I hadn’t heard from any schools yet. But as Revels week went on, I gradually began to learn about my future. I was admitted to Emerson, Elon, Ithaca, and Fordham all during Revels week. I only had one moment of disappointing news. I remember being in the green room during rehearsal when Meghan told me to check my Villanova application; I discovered a deferral.

I had to wait until after Revels to get my acceptance to Marist. Deep down inside, I knew Marist was the place I was destined to be; I knew it the moment I stepped on campus. However, I doubted my decision because internally I didn’t feel as ‘elite’ as my classmates who were going to Ivy League and NESCAC schools. Marist is quite selective, and it’s a school that will only gain prestige and more selectivity. That fact along with the communications and study abroad programs I so desperately wanted sealed the deal.

I’m here now a year later, free from that time of stress, fear, and excitement. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to attend Marist and study abroad in Florence for my freshman year. My experience is what I expected and more. My classmates are very intelligent people, my professors truly care, and the opportunities are endless. I feel at ease and in control of my life as a student, and I don’t feel as though I belong anywhere else. Marist is a place where I will receive a fine education in my area of study, a place that has given me a fabulous financial aid package, and a place that will prepare me for my future in the ‘real world.’

This week is quite possibly the most stressful week for high school seniors in their entire lives. College is ultimately the biggest goal one can have since his or her first day of kindergarten. Talk about college starts then and doesn’t really stop. Ever. My grandparents still talk about college! I encourage high school seniors to stay positive throughout the college decisions process. It’s certainly not easy, but everything happens for a reason. It’s so much easier to say than believe, but everything really does work out. When I was rejected to Boston University’s COM school last March, of course I was disappointed. However, it only taught me that I wanted to go to a school that wanted me as much as I wanted them. And I’ve found that.

So, congratulations, Class of 2021. You’ve worked hard. Keep your heads up, and remember to stay humble. To my fellow senior Emma Girls, kick ass tonight in your first dress rehearsal!!! Friday night will not compare!!! xo ~e.


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