Pilgrimage Readings

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Last night all 50 FFEs gathered at the Astoria Hotel for a dinner buffet and readings of our pilgrimage papers! About 20 of us volunteered to read excerpts from our pilgrimage papers we have worked on for over a month. It was really fascinating and relaxing sitting there for two hours hearing about our classmates’ travels and travails. Through such personal writing, I learned something new and saw different sides to the incredible people in this program. I read the intro to my paper along with a paragraph about my personal narrative, research, and reflection. I’m really glad I shared it, even though it was hard to get up there and share my personal writing. It meant a lot the next day when my classmates and Marist staff complimented me and thanked me for reading. Public speaking has always been something I am comfortable with, and it’s been improving with my public speaking class! Here are just a couple photos from last night. xo ~e.



My photo from Venice in the background


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