Immaculate Conception

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Happy Immaculate Conception! According to the Catholic Church, today is the day when Mary was conceived. It’s a national holiday in Italy, so the entire city of Florence was out and about filling the cobblestone streets. We obviously didn’t have class today, but we had today’s classes last Friday. Yay for a four day weekend!


Nana & Pop: This photo is for you

I slept in till 10 today (a rarity) and submitted my final writing for college paper. One more paper to go in the semester!


Sasha, Olivia, and I went to Ditta Artigianale on Via dello Sprone to do some journaling and cappuccino consuming. Sasha captured this shot of me in my element by the elegant Christmas tree.


Tonight there was the lighting of the Christmas tree in Piazza del Duomo. There were also parades throughout the city! I took my camera out (finally). I have never seen the city so crowded and full of holiday spirit. _dsc0018

Moments after the tree was lit! It was so cool being there and counting down in Italian with thousands of other people. I felt like someone in Times Square on New Year’s Eve only luckier.


We are so happy to be celebrating the holidays in Firenze!


The cutest roommates (Sash & Liv)

After the tree lighting, we walked around the city, ate dumplings at Beijing 8, and checked out some of the Christmas markets. We most likely will never witness the tree lighting in Florence again, so it was really special we got to together. It’s a shame everyone around us was recording the tree lighting on their phones! A moment like that should be fully appreciated in the present without technology.

It was an Italian holiday well celebrated. I am counting down the days until Rome and Budapest! It’s been quite the experience celebrating a holiday season abroad. xo ~e.

PS* Check out my most recent FlockU post about my experience drinking in Europe.


2 thoughts on “Immaculate Conception

  1. Nana says:

    Thanks for all those great pictures Emma. The wonderful tree by the cathedral, all the great coffee I could almost smell and of course my most favorite – the beautiful berners. Still love those dogs and am drawn to them whenever I see them.
    I’m so proud of you getting up there and speaking about your pilgrimage. That would have scared me to death at your age. I’m sure you did a great job too..
    Love, Nana

  2. Lucy I. says:

    Tante persone penzano (is this is the correct conjugation?) che La Concezione is about Mary, a virgin as the story goes, becoming pregnant. The doctrine of the church teaches that she was born without Original Sin and therefore could conceive, through the Spirito Santo, il Filio di Dio.

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