Lazy Saturday

Saturday, December 3, 2016

I had a lazy Saturday in Firenze today. It felt really good to just relax after a hectic week. Everyone seemed to be exhausted, and it showed because we all went to bed early and slept in! I didn’t do any school work. I took a step back from academics, and instead I napped, went to the market with Sasha to get fruit, and walked around for a dose of holiday spirit. Colleen, Louis, Giselle, and I went to the Mercato Centrale for pizza; we watched the Madrid vs. Barcelona soccer game too. There were a lot of diehard Italian fans watching. It was very exciting when both teams scored.

The Christmas market still looks as beautiful as ever. It was a lot more crowded tonight. I love looking at the ornaments, food, and soap. Definitely gets me in the Christmas mood.

Mom and Dad arrive a month from today! I can’t wait to show them around Florence before traveling to Germany and Greece. I am going to take them to my favorite cafés, and I hope to climb the Duomo and bell tower with them. xo ~e.


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