Last Soccer

Friday, November 2, 2016

Today was the first day I’ve had classes on a Friday in a long time! We had a make up day today because next Thursday there’s a national holiday (Immaculate Conception). That means I only have two days of classes next week! Finishing this week was a big accomplishment. I had two presentations, two papers due, an Italian composition, a speech delivery, a speech due, and my written cooking final exam. I have two more weeks left in the semester, and I don’t feel as stressed after getting a lot of stuff out of the way this week! The Christmas lights, market, and music are motivation to stay happy and positive this holiday season.

Last night we had our last soccer meeting. It was chilly, but I’ve played in colder temperatures before! We went to a different field this time and took a bus instead of the tram. There were only eight of us, but we played small-sided and had fun. I’m so glad I got to play soccer throughout this semester, and I hope they’ll offer it again in the spring. It was a great way to meet new people and get some physical activity. Now that soccer’s over, I’ll have to keep running and working out! xo ~e.


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