Maria Yoon

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Happy last day of November! Tomorrow I am going to start my advent calendar my mom mailed me. I’m going to miss reading our annual advent calendar about the birth of Jesus this year. But this advent calendar is particularly special because it’s not only counting down the days to Christmas but also counting down the days until my parents arrive in Firenze!

Yesterday Maria Yoon, aka Maria the Korean Bride, visited the Marist Italy Office for a presentation and Q & A. She was a very cool lady! Read more about her story on her site here. Long story short: she executed a social experiment that involved marrying people/objects in all 50 states in order to learn about marriage, love, and commitment values in the United States. As a Korean American, this was especially intriguing. Her documentary was recognized by the Huffington Post and is on Amazon for $2.99. I made the entire room crack up in the beginning of her presentation by referencing “50 Shades of Grey.” As you can imagine, it was pretty funny.


Big academic day tomorrow! Time for bed. xo ~e.


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