Coffee with a Stranger

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This morning I did something children are taught to never do: meet with a stranger. But today I took a chance and didn’t listen. It turned out to be a positive experience!

I’m in a Florence Facebook group where people  living in Florence post jobs, events, etc… A woman from Boston recently posted that she and her husband just moved to Florence, and she was hoping to meet Italians or expats for coffee to get to know people in the city. I saw on her profile that she works in marketing and thought she would be someone nice to talk to about careers and living abroad. I messaged her, and we made a coffee date for this morning at 10.

I got to La Milkeria at 9:50 to do some journaling and ordered a cappuccino ginseng. Lisa came promptly at 10. We automatically recognized each other from our profile pictures and sat down to chat. She was very friendly! It was nice talking to an American who isn’t 18 years old! Her husband was offered a job in Florence (he’s a buyer for TJ Maxx & Marshalls) not long ago, and it’s perfect since they got married in Tuscany two years ago. Lisa has her own business, a marketing consultant agency, that she can work at from anywhere. They met at Bentley University where they both majored in marketing.

She was very impressed by the fact that I chose to spend my freshman year abroad. She told me it will serve me very well in the future. We talked a bit about internships and careers, but we talked mainly about traveling and Florence. They moved just last Sunday, so she’s very new to the city. I sent her a list of my favorite cafés. They also have two cats, and I offered to take care of them whenever they are on a trip. I would love to live abroad someday for work, and she said that COM is the perfect field to go into for that. I told her my mom is jealous of the House Hunters International scenario she has going on.

We talked for about an hour and said to keep in touch. It was a pleasant meeting, and I’m glad I took a chance and did it! I’m not saying to talk to random people all the time, but if it seems right, go for it. Today I did! xo ~e.


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