Sunday, November 27, 2016

What a nice weekend in Florence. I relaxed, watched too many episodes of “Gilmore Girls”, tried a new type of coffee today (cappuccino ginseng– tastes like a chai tea latte), and did hours of homework.

The Firenze Marathon took place today. This morning I did my weekly grocery trip to Conad, and I watched the runners whizz past me on their 26.2 mile long course! There were two African American men I saw very early (around 10:30), and they were way ahead of everyone else. I came back over an hour later and saw hundreds of people where I had saw those two men. There was a lot of excitement and Italians cheering the runners on. The finish line was right in Piazza del Duomo. Just soaking in the view had me feeling emotional. The people finishing the race had their arms in the air, and their kids finished through the line with them. And all these people cheered on runners they didn’t even know. It was quite the scene. It was a perfectly beautiful and crisp day for a marathon. Someday I’ll run a marathon. I did run two miles tonight! I’m 1/13 of the way there!

Sasha and I had our coffees and did our work at a cafe where we could see the runners pass. The girls sitting next to us spoke Russian, and Sasha talked to them! It’s so cool hearing her speak. She says she misses it.

Busy week ahead, but I’m going to get through it. I hope everyone had a fun and safe Thanksgiving weekend! Be sure to check out my latest FlockU post about hostels. xo ~e.

Word of the day: corregere (to run)


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