Black Friday in Florence

Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Black Friday! Black Friday in Florence is a thing here; all the stores had a 20%-30% off storewide sale. I don’t think anyone died from being trampled like in the U.S. every year on this day.

Last night’s Thanksgiving dinner was great. We had a nice, long 3 hour dinner. They served us a vegetable soup, croutons, and a whopping plate of Thanksgiving food: mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, blueberry sauce, and sweet potatoes. Pumpkin pie from Mama’s Bakery for dessert! We all went around and said what we were grateful for at our table. Everyone felt homesick, but we made the most of our Thanksgiving with our new Marist family. It was wonderful. A Thanksgiving to remember.


Celebrating Thanksgiving with the Fox Fam

Today I did homework and went to volunteering. I sat with the second graders today. One girl, Camila, talked my ear off the entire time! She was very cute, and her English was great. She told me her parents don’t speak English; she just learns at school. The other girl sitting next to me used my fingers to count all the way to 100. They also tried on my rings and got a huge kick out of that. I couldn’t help but smile for a full hour.

I’m listening to Christmas music now that Thanksgiving has happened. There are some great Christmas playlists on Spotify! I highly recommend them if you’re on Spotify. There’s no snow here, but the lights lining the city streets and Christmas music will surely get me in the holiday mood.

Jill’s mom is in town, and she took me out for breakfast and dinner today. We love when parents come to visit because they take us out! It’s also fun chatting to them and telling them about our experiences here. We had salad, pizza, and a dessert sampler tonight. Absolutely delicious.

Tomorrow we’re going to climb the Duomo and the bell tower. I also have lots of papers to do! Nice to be in Firenze this weekend. xo ~e.


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