Magnificent Monday

Monday, November 14, 2016

I had a magnificent Monday today! It’s almost 11 PM, and I am thoroughly exhausted. Today was busy! It started off right with a La Ménagère cappuccino in my 9 AM FYS class though. The former president of Marist, Dennis Murray, and the new president, David Yellen, both peeped into our class. They are visiting the Florence campus, and we have two meals with them this week to chat.

The panel for high school counselors at international schools went very well. There were 8 students on the panel: 1 MA student, 3 FFE students, and 4 BA students. Joe Giacalone (Marist’s Assistant Director of Admissions) moderated it, and we all answered truthfully and eloquently! Everyone introduced themselves and took turns answering questions. It was scary at first being put on the spot! I answered the following questions:

  • Why did you come to Florence?
  • How’s it like balancing your life as a student?
  • What other schools did you look at?
  • What makes you homesick?
  • Why Florence if you aren’t an art major?
  • What was something that you didn’t expect about your experience?
  • What was orientation like?

Sasha sat next to me, and somehow we didn’t burst into laughter during the panel! Good thing because we were in front of 50 people. We even got to use the microphone. My public speaking prof. would be so proud! It was really fun being able to talk about my own personal experiences here in Florence because I went to a lot of Marist/Marist Italy panels when I heard the students talk about their experiences. It was a surreal moment that captured the I made it feeling. I can’t wait to be a spokesperson for Marist more throughout this year and the rest of my Marist career in Poughkeepsie.

We also saw Alex Tom, an admissions counselor and recent Marist grad, who recognized me and remembered I was from Vermont! Gotta love that small community feel. He asked how everything was going, and it was funny seeing him here instead of on the New York campus. He did the FFE Program too five years ago.

For Writing for College, we went to the Riccardi Palace for class. We poked around and checked it out before leaving earlier than we would have if we were in the classroom.

Soccer was fun tonight; only 10 people showed up, but we made the most of it. I scored the winning goal right when time was up! It was a pretty goal– hit the side netting on the far side. We only have a few more nights of soccer left in the semester):


Can you tell what school we go to?

This afternoon I booked my sixth international trip to Kiev, Ukraine! I am going to spend a week in Kiev with Sasha before beginning my second semester. I am so excited! It cost 200 euros for roundtrip travel. I cannot wait to see a very unique country with a different culture. Lots of travels planned after this semester!

I hope your Monday got your week off to a good start like mine did. xo ~e.


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