Sunday Funday

Sunday, November 13, 2016

This was a very calm Sunday which I desperately needed! I slept twelve hours, got up at 9 to grab a cappuccino and croissant with Sasha before going to Conad (the grocery store), and did homework for most of the day. It’s getting very chilly in Firenze! I was happy doing my work at our dining room table with several cups of tea.

For our Sunday family dinner, my flatmates and I made baked macaroni & cheese and glazed carrots. Very yummy! There’s no Vermont Seriously Sharp Cabot Cheddar here, but there are plenty of delicious substitutes.

I got Jill and Colleen to do my workout with me tonight, and after we went to Piazza Repubblica to browse around the market they had there this weekend. It was a sight to see. There were lots of tents with local vendors selling food, hats, scarves, jewelry, you name it.


The Russian dolls reminded me of Nana and earlier today when people stopped us on the street and asked us for directions to the market. Sash immediately picked up on their accents and starting speaking Russian! That was the first time I heard her speak it fluently in person with other people. So cool! It’s such a beautifully harsh sounding language.img_2945

There was a very talented singer singing in the Piazza while we shopped. He sang some very touching songs like “Hallelujah”, “Let Her Go”, “Knocking on Heaven’s Door.” It was special, and a lot of people were there enjoying the night and music as well. Nights like these make me never want to leave Florence.

I have an exciting week coming up. I’ll be on a student panel for international high school counselors tomorrow. I can’t wait to be a representative for Marist and Marist Italy! Marist’s new president, David Yellen, is coming to the Italy campus and will meet us at a lunch on Tuesday and dinner on Wednesday. It will be great to talk to him and enjoy some free food! I have a few papers due this week, a speech, and an Italian quiz. Then we are going on a class trip for First Year Seminar to Genoa and Cinque Terre this weekend! Loving the study abroad life! xo ~e.

Word of the day: aposto (“I’m fine” at a restaurant= When you don’t want to order anything)


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