Happy Election Day!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Happy Election Day! What a day for the United States of America. This has been arguably the most anticipated election in American history. It’s hard to believe that it is finally the day for Americans to decide who will be the next president.

I remember being younger and thinking it was so cool that you got to vote once you turned eighteen. Back then it’s what separated being a kid and being an adult. I thoroughly enjoyed going in the small voting booth with my mom and dad and seeing what bubble they filled in and asking “Why did you choose that person?” They didn’t give me too much of a detailed answer back then, and I am still grateful that my parents have encouraged me to form my own political views.

I would never have guessed that I would be voting in Italy one month before the actual election for my first election. I didn’t get the satisfaction of waiting in line for a long time with other Americans to vote or getting the cool “I Voted!” stickers or feeling the buzz of election day everywhere I went. However, I felt as though I did my duty as a citizen of the U.S. by voting. Therefore, I am content.

We won’t know the results until 6 AM our time, but I am sure I will check as soon as possible. Social media will be blowing up by then. Some FFEs are going out in the middle of the night to watch it all unfold live. Fortunately, I have a 9 AM tomorrow, so I will be enjoying an eight hour & uninterrupted sleep.

On a lighter note, tonight I made my mom’s chicken tenders! Her breaded chicken cutlets are one of my all time favorites. I got a taste from home in my kitchen this evening, and it was delicious. I complimented the protein with sautéed carrots, spinach, and a ripe tomato. Today I also ran to the train station and back and did three sets of my daily workout routine. The exercise is going well thus far!

The other day I saw this woman with her King Charles on my street. I couldn’t help but think of my sweet Kiara (who is much cuter in my opinion). I miss her snuggles very much, and I can’t wait to see her in May! Life isn’t as full without a dog by your side. xo ~e.



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