Sunday Night Football

Sunday, November 6, 2016

I just returned home from a football match between Fiorentina and Sampdoria. It was so much fun! I love live sporting events, and I have not been to a professional soccer game since Donovan’s last game last fall. We took the local city bus (ATAF) to and from the game which was an experience. The buses we were on were packed and steamy inside. The bus system is something I have not mastered, but we got on and off the correct ones!

There were a lot of people at the game, but it wasn’t sold out. There were specific sections for the outlaws and for fans rooting for the other team. A lot of people wore Fiorentina’s color (purple). It rained until the game started, so we were all soaked and cold during the game. We didn’t care!

The Italians are very into their soccer. The fans would yell in Italian throughout the entire game. I didn’t know exactly what they were saying, but I could guess from what was going on in the game. I miss soccer a lot, and it was really nice being back in the soccer atmosphere. I love how people from all ages attend sports games. It’s something that can connect us all, whether we have a deep passion for the sport or not. The little kids watching the game were especially fun to listen to and watch. Hopefully we’ll get back to another Fiorentina game! Shout out to Sasha for planning a fun night for many of us FFEs! xo ~e.

Word of the day: calcio (soccer)


View from our seats



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