Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Today before lunch at the caf, I took a walk to the bookstore, La Feltrinelli, and bought myself a book!


Definitely taking my dad to this three floor bookstore

I’m excited to read this book about trains in Italy. I’ve enjoyed riding them and have learned that it’s the ‘Italian way’ to travel. It’ll be interesting to see what Tim Parks has to say about trains in Italy.


New book

The bookstore is basically in Piazza del Repubblica, and I snapped some pictures of my walk through it. The crowds are dying out in early November.


Piazza del Repubblica


Hello, Duomo

I also stopped in Tiger (Target equivalent… Yes, I’m obsessed) to buy a journal and couldn’t help but notice the Christmas decorations in. My rule is you can start decorating and listening to Christmas music AFTER Thanksgiving. xo ~e.


Christmas decorations are out


Gotta love Tiger


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