November Goals

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy All Saints’ Day and November! Hard to believe November and winter are already upon us. We’re getting closer and closer to the best time of the year: the holidays. I am very excited to experience a European Holiday.

Halloween in Florence was lively and eventful. We walked around the crowded streets at a late hour and popped into a few popular hang out spots. I got on the karaoke stage twice for a very embarrassing eight minutes of my life. It was fun though! The men on the streets were very obnoxious– cat-calling, getting in our faces, trying to mess with us. That was annoying to deal with, but we had girl power which was great!


Vasudha (VD) & I were black cats

I thought I would share with you some of my November goals. Hopefully they might encourage you to write a list of goals before typical New Years resolutions.  xo ~e.

  1. Turn my phone off during the day (I don’t need it during classes or the morning at all)
  2. Explore Florence more (I’m getting too comfortable with my routine and places I go)
  3. Exercise daily (I wrote a daily workout plan tonight!)
  4. Try new recipes (I have been cooking the same thing every night and want to try something different)
  5. Take more photos (Might as well use my Nikon from Bonnie as much as I possibly can)
  6. Read a book (I found an English book at a bookstore about travel and want to read it)
  7. Eat less gelato and pasta (no comment necessary)
  8. Practice my Italian more (no English when I’m out and about at the store and restaurants)
  9. Make my own cappuccinos (after I get a Moka!)
  10. Write more (journal, letters, blog, etc…)



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