Happy Halloween

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween from Florence! Believe it or not, Europeans have recently adopted this silly American holiday; it’s apparent in Firenze and Venice. The bakeries have adorable Halloween cookies and cupcakes for display, and many shops have window displays with orange and black knick knacks.

Halloween was a lot more fun (and innocent) as a young child. I remember dressing up as a beautician one year and a pumpkin in my very early years and trick or treating in Manchester and Bennington. I loved how we actually had trick or treaters in Bennington because we sure don’t have any in Sandgate! I would always count how many pieces of candy I collected, and it would take a week or longer for me to finish it.

At Emma Willard, we celebrated Halloween on campus with fried food in the dining hall (once a year type of gig). Last year as a senior, I got to participate in the haunted asylum in Sage basement. It’s more fun scaring the terrified freshmen than being one of those terrified freshmen.

The college culture has twisted Halloween into a rather ‘trashy’ holiday. Girls (and guys) tend to dress up in costumes feminists (and parents) would not appreciate and party during the week and the weekend. I can see how it can be fun, but it’s not my idea of a well celebrate holiday. With that said, I do plan on going out with my friends tonight because everyone’s dressing up and going out to experience Halloween in Florence. No one has classes tomorrow because it’s All Saints’ Day in Italy, a national holiday. Mom and Dad, I promise I’ll be home no later than 1 AM.

Wherever you are in the world, Happy Halloween! Watch out for clowns! xo ~e.


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