Returning to Florence

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

All vacations come to an end at some point. Olivia and I got up at 8 AM and had breakfast again from Lidl on the jetty. It was another gray and cloudy day, and we didn’t end up swimming. The temperature here is about 75 degrees, and the water was probably 70 degrees. The water looked more clear than yesterday, but it still wasn’t that gorgeous Formentera clear blue. We do know that Ibiza has water like that too when it’s sunny!


Breakfast on the jetty

We took a final walk to Ibiza Town and got a few more goodies at Natura then said goodbye to the beach. It will be greatly missed! I’m not sure when I’ll be back at the beach again. Ibiza was a perfect fall break location though.



My travel partner, Olivia

I called a cab at 11:30 to take us to the airport. Everyone speaks English for the most part, but I kept speaking in Italian! I have no Spanish background whatsoever, and Italian is closer to Spanish than English is. It was funny stopping myself from saying “Grazie” and saying “Gracias” instead. The cab driver drove 90 MPH, and it was scary. We’re still here though!

Our flight was not delayed this time which was nice. The airport in Ibiza is huge for an island! I had a window seat this time, so I got a nice view of the water and island. It reminded me a lot of my trip to St. John a few years ago. It’s sad leaving a place I may never return to, but it’s okay because I have the memories and experiences of that place.

In Ibiza, we didn’t see any other Asian people. We saw a lot more hispanics than in Florence though, and people were much more casually dressed. We enjoyed seeing kids walking to school in the morning with their parents, and cars actually stopped for pedestrians (unlike in Florence).

We got to Pisa in the afternoon and had a few hours to kill before our train back to Florence. Our bags were heavy at this point! It’s always nice coming home. I unpacked, cooked and ate dinner with Colleen, and did laundry. I’ll be traveling again on Friday to Venice!

Ibiza certainly was a great escape. I miss the island life already! xo ~e.


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