Ibiza Day 2

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Today Olivia and I did not make the mistake we made yesterday by eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We got yogurt, bread, juice, and fruit at Lidl and ate on benches near the beach. We were impressed by how many people exercised on the island. Many looked like they were training for a triathlon; we saw runners, swimmers, and bikers. It was a cloudy day today, so we were glad we went to Formentera yesterday.

Today we went back to Ibiza Town (fully nourished) and checked out Dalta Vila, Ibiza’s Renaissance defensive walls. It was so cool! A lot of steep stairs, but we had an amazing view of the island. Ibiza is a lot bigger than I thought it was! It also reminded me of Greece which I did not expect. The houses were all white or peach. It was a perfect place to explore on a gray day, still beautiful.


Admiring the view

Inside Dalta Vila is actually a residential town. It was so neat walking through the narrow streets. It brought me back to Tarquinia. I can’t imagine living there! We saw stray cats around and small dogs.

We loved the white houses and colorful doors. There were also the most pretty flowers! Hibiscuses and roses mainly. For a couple hours we just wandered in Dalta Vila.



We went to this cute hippy store, and I got a a cute little owl to remember Ibiza.


We ate lunch in Ibiza Town (paninis and baguettes) and shopped at Natura. Very cool store. I got journals, postcards, and a mug! I’ve been collecting a lot of journals here that will be well used. I’ve never done so much journaling! We napped at our Air BnB after before going to another famous beach in Ibiza, Platya d’en Bossa. It was windy and gray, so we didn’t swim. However, we journaled and wrote more postcards.

We went out to dinner at El Principe right on the water. It was a fancier restaurant, but we deserved a nice meal. It’s vacation after all! I finally got some traditional Spanish food, seafood paella. Rice and seafood never tasted so good. Comfort food!



We talked about both of us being adopted from China, our families, college. It turned into a two hour long dinner! It was very nice. The ocean breeze and sound of the mild waves was so soothing and pleasant. It was the perfect way to end our vacation! We also celebrated one of my FlockU articles being published on the Huffington Post! My editor emailed me today and told me that they post the best of what they have that week to Huff Post. It was exciting. Check the post out here about why we should stop saying ‘like.’

Today was a great day exploring and eating! That’s what vacation’s truly all about. xo ~e.


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