Ibiza Day 1

Monday, October 24, 2016

Today was a magical day in Ibiza! We woke up around 7:30 before the sun got up. This is the view from our balcony:


It was so nice having a grocery story (Lidl) directly across the street! It’s exactly like an Aldi but way cheaper. We could get yogurt, a juice, bread, a banana for 3 euros.

Olivia and I got dressed and again wandered our way to the beach since we didn’t have cellphone service. It was less than a 5 minute walk to Figueretas Beach. We watched the sunrise on the jetty and admired the island view, smell, and vibes.


Sunrise in Ibiza

We ate breakfast at a cute, hippy looking café close by.


Cafe Piadina Casa 13

I got an acai smoothie bowl, and Olivia got scrambled eggs with bacon.


Islander’s breakfast

After breakfast, we saw workers advertising ferries to Formentera, an island close to Ibiza with crystal clear blue water. The water on the beach we were at was very clear, but it wasn’t the clear water we desperately wanted to see (partially because of the sun and clouds). It was a 22 euro roundtrip ferry and a gorgeous day, so we bought tickets and went back to our Air BnB to pack for the day. We would be there for about 6 hours, and we didn’t really know exactly where we were going once we were there. We boarded the ferry at 9:45 and had an amazing view of the south side of Ibiza.


Once we got to Formentera, there was a bus waiting for us. We realized it went to three beaches, and we picked Playa de ses Illetes for an 8 euro roundtrip ticket. We got on the bus, not thinking about buying water or food first. We took a fast and windy drive on the island, and the bus driver said to be back at the bus stop at 16:35 or 17:25. We had to walk 10 minutes on a sandy road to get to the beach, and what a scene once we got there.


All smiles in Formentera

Crystal clear water, soft white sand, a sunny and blue sky. It was picture perfect. We quickly discovered that the beach was also unofficially nude! There were a lot of people walking around, tanning, and swimming with no swimsuits. I’ve always wanted to go to a nude beach, so I can cross that off my bucket list. It was intriguing how no one cared that people were naked. It was culturally accepted and a social norm, so I decided to join in. I’d never see those people again, and there weren’t any Americans to make a fuss about it. I went for a swim and tan in my birthday suit without a care in the world. My relatives know how much I loved being naked as a young child. My mom always reminds me how she used to tell me, “Emma, you have to keep your clothes on during the service” at UUs. I’ll never live it down.

Olivia and I took lots of photos, relaxed, swam, and napped on the beach. It was so amazing. The only thing missing was food. I was starving and starting to fade when 4 PM hit. We got on the bus at 4:35, and I thought I was going to throw up on the bus and/or pass out. We got a bag of chips and water at the port before getting on the 5 PM ferry back to Ibiza. I surprisingly fell asleep on the ferry and didn’t feel sick. Once we docked in Ibiza though, I threw up on the ferry. I made it to the trashcan, and let the water and chips fall where they may. I felt a lot better!

We showered, got a snack at Lidl, then walked 20 minutes to the center of Ibiza Town in hopes of dinner. We sat down at a place and ordered food before quickly realizing that we were just so tired and wanted to go to bed. I got my empanada to go, and we hit our beds at 9 PM. Out like a light. Never again forgetting to bring food and water to an island where there isn’t food or water easily accessible! It was a truly perfect beach day. Exactly what vacation is meant for. xo ~e.


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