A Fulfilling Friday

Friday, October 21, 2016

I have had a fantastic Friday in Florence! My sickness when it comes to exams must be psychological; today it’s like I never had a cold! I will have to work on not getting so stressed out during exams because my immune system will quit on me. My sore throat is gone, and my appetite is back; I just have a slightly stuffy nose still.

My three flatmates and several other FFEs left for their Greece trip this morning. I saw them off at the train station and took an unfamiliar route back home. Turns out I knew exactly where I was; I was in a similar part of town to where we stayed at our Air BnB when Maddie visited. It’s great when that happens; I only get to know the city better.

I have the apartment all to myself again. This time I’ll really be staying home alone in it (last time a friend stayed over)! Another step towards adulthood. Amelia and I saw Sasha off at the airport around noon. She is going to Prague for the week. After going to the train station for a second time, Amelia and I ran some errands then hung out in my apartment. I made potato leek soup. I ate it for dinner, and it was delicious!

We went back out again to the Santa Maria Novella Church. My next COM speech is about the Refectory there and The Last Supper Painting. Amelia just declared her double major: Art History and Communication. She was the perfect person to take with me! The church was absolutely stunning. I can’t get over the ornate details of everything. Here are a few photos:




This reminds me of Christmas time at Nana and Pop’s house. Every year I fix up this scene with my grandparents’ Christmas set. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to this year!


Amelia and I both are not Christian, but we lit a candle for someone today. I had to capture the moment.

After exploring the church and the museum, we got French fries at Queenschips before taking a walk to Piazza Michaelangelo. I’ve always wanted to go, and today was such a beautiful day that we couldn’t pass it up. It’s about a 30-40 minute walk from our apartment, and it’s by far worth it.


We walked up a big hill and climbed many steps to get to this view!


Picture perfect

We sat on the steps at Piazza Michaelangelo under the blue sky and warm sun and listened to the live musicians sing soulful music. They played “Stand by Me” which reminded me again of my parents. It was very special, for it made me think of them and their wedding.


We arrived back to our apartments at 5 PM, and I ate my soup and cleaned the apartment. I like doing that. The wifi is a lot faster now that so many people are gone. It’s crazy that we are all going to such exotic places for our fall break of freshman year! Happy weekend, everyone! xo ~e.

Check out my FlockU article published today here!


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