Midterms Day 2

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It’s day two of midterms week, and I’m feeling the stress! My Italian midterm is tomorrow, and I’ve studied for probably 15 hours in total. I’ll continue to review but also start studying for my other two midterms. My essays for FYS and Writing for College are submitted!

I’m going to utilize this blog post as a brief practice my Italian midterm. Below is some basic Italian grammar (written from memorization). Try to follow along if you can! If you know Spanish or French, you’re halfway there 🙂

Also, check out my latest FlockU post about the daily struggles of studying in Florence.

I forgot to mention that I got a package from my good friend, Kayla, yesterday! She sent me a journal, Wite Out tape, and a card. I miss her and my Emma friends every day! Being away from Emma has made me appreciate my experience there and the people I met there even more. I’m channeling my inner “Emma Girl” to help get through this week! xo ~e.


Indefinite & definite articles:

indefinite article (masculine & feminine) • singular definite article • plural definite article

un caffè • il caffè • i caffè

uno spritz • lo spritz • gli spritz

un aperitivo • l’aperitivo • gli aperitivi

una birra • la birra • le birre

un’acqua • l’acqua • l’acque

Verb conjugations for -are, -ere, -ire regular verbs (ex. mangiare, leggere, dormire):

io • mangi• legg• dormo

tu • mang• leggi • dormi

lui • mangia • legge • dorme

lei • mangi• legge • dorme

Lei • mangi• legge • dorme

noi • mangiamo • leggiamo • dormiamo

voi • mangiate • leggete • dormite

loro • mangiano • leggono • dormono

Irregular verbs avere “to have” and essere “to be”:

io • ho • sono

tu • hai • sei

lui • ha • è

lei • ha • è

Lei • ha • è

voi • avete • siete

noi • abbiamo • siamo

loro • hanno • sono



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