Lucca Part 2

Sunday, October 16, 2016

In continuation from Lucca Part 1.

After lunch, we strolled the streets in hopes to find a café to do more homework at. We wound up at Bar Cafe Lucca, and it was the perfect place to set up camp for a couple hours. I wrote postcards and made Italian flashcards, and Sasha read a book for FYS. We passed several doors that looked like this. Classic Italian doorways; I love it!


Doors & peach

After doing some schoolwork, we were ready for a little pick me up. Luckily, there was a gelateria right across the street. We popped into La Bottega del Gelato for chocolate and hazelnut cones. Some of the best gelato I’ve had in Italy since I’ve been here!


Gelato time

We worked the gelato off by climbing the Guingi Tower. 250 steps for a gorgeous view of the city. The stairs only got narrow and a little scary towards the very top. There weren’t too many people climbing when we did, so we had plenty of space at the top and on the stairs.


Stairs going to the top


Absolutely stunning

We walked some more after our climb. It was a beautiful, fall day– sunshine, dried leaves on the ground, blue sky layered with clouds. There wasn’t the hustle and bustle of the city which was nice for a day. We wound up to the more modern part of the city where there were several stores to shop at and flea markets. We poked in a few but didn’t make any purchases (unless you count macarons at Ladurée). There were so many more people in this part of town than the older part we were at earlier.


There must have been a breast cancer awareness run because we saw lots of people covered in pink powder wearing running bibs! Probably another reason why so many people were out. Sasha and I were intrigued by all the attractive young Italians we saw. It’s nice seeing Italians our age out and having fun; we also spotted several very cute couples walking in the park and hanging out.

We grabbed a few slices of pizza topped with prosciutto then watched the sunset on the edge of the wall. We also saw a gorgeous golden moon rising; it must have been full or close to it. It was the perfect ending to a very relaxing and memorable day. We didn’t miss our train, which is always good and made it back safely to Firenze. Day trips are very manageable from Florence, and we’ll be sure to do more throughout the year! Lucca cost 15 euros roundtrip, and it’s somewhere I hope my parents can see in the winter. xo ~e.

*Check out my latest FlockU article about getting a D on my Italian quiz.


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