Lucca Part 1

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Whew! We are halfway through October, and my favorite month is moving too fast. Today Sasha and I had an amazing day in Lucca. We took a train from Firenze to Lucca; it only took an hour and twenty minutes. When we got off the train, we followed a crowd of people up to a section of the walled city. Once we walked up the ramp and climbed a few stairs, we were inside the small city. It reminded me of Xi’an in China a little bit.

We came to Lucca with no plan or ideas on what to do, so we figured it out on our way. We approached the Orto Botanico Gardens and couldn’t resist to check them out. We saw lots of trees, flowers, cacti, lemons, limes, and a pond. It was very peaceful and quiet. It was so nice seeing grass!


Sasha’s smile is one of a kind


This pond had turtles and coy 

After the gardens, we wandered around the narrow streets of Lucca. They reminded me a lot of the streets in Tarquinia. I love the identical rooftops and yellow and peach houses. We stopped at a few more parks that had lovely, bright flowers before grabbing pasta at a restaurant. We studied Italian over lunch too!


We could’t help but do a photo shoot here

Lucca Part 2 to follow tomorrow! It’s late here in Florence, and I am ready for bed. Stay tuned! xo ~e.


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