Chinese Food

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Today we made a delicious salmon dish in cooking! Almond crusted baked salmon with endive salad and purple mashed potatoes. My favorite so far!


Tonight Sasha, Olivia, Amelia and I went out for Chinese food! We wanted to switch it up after consuming so much pizza and pasta in the past several weeks. There are lots of Asian tourists here in addition to Asian restaurants. We went to Impressione Chongqing because it’s my birth city, close to our school café, and it’s always busy.

I practiced my Mandarin! It was challenging since I haven’t been practicing it a whole lot, but Sun Laoshi would’ve been proud. We ordered outside, and I communicated what we wanted and how many of us there were verbally and by pointing at pictures on the menu. I definitely knew my numbers though! They sat us inside after people left (it was crowded), and our food came out dish by dish. My friends were the only white people in the restaurant! Reminded me of China.


We had dumplings, rice, soup, spring rolls, cabbage, and water all for 36 euros. That’s Chinese food for you! We all shared just like they do in China. It was really nice eating Chinese food somewhere other than America and China. When we paid, the guy asked me something in Chinese, and I told him we were American, but I was born in Chongqing. I didn’t say it right because he started cracking up along with the customer behind us. My friends died laughing, and I left mortified. It was funny, and at least I tried. Very memorable.


We took a long walk across the Arno and stood on platforms stemming off one of the bridges. We ate gelato and wandered slowly back to our apartment. It was dead tonight in the city center! Tourists are slowly starting to trickle out.


It’s a big study weekend ahead! Cannot believe it’s already mid October. Time is flying in Florence! xo ~e.


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