4 Miles with Colleen

Wednesday, October 13, 2016

It’s a record! I’ve ran three times while in Firenze! Tonight Colleen and I ran four miles on a cool evening (around 6:30 PM). We didn’t have a route in mind, but we headed towards the Arno. We ran around the Duomo once then across one of the bridges to run on the other side of the river. We found the park Dr. Graham mentioned in class today, and there were little kids, runners, strollers, and dogs there; it’s one of my new favorite spots. Once we got to a bridge fairly far from the Ponte Vecchio, we crossed back over the river and had no clue where we were in respect to home. But that’s when the real sense of adventure happens.

We turned where we thought would be fun to turn, and we wound up on the street where we collected our cooking uniforms over a month ago. At that point, we still didn’t know exactly where we were, but we knew we were heading the right direction, so we kept on going. We ended up back at the familiar Piazza del Repubblica (ree•poo•blee•ca), and we did a 100 yard sprint to the carousel. That was the fastest I’ve ran in a long time. It was so refreshing going on an almost hour long run, and I hope there are more in the future. It helps to have a running partner who has a similar pace and motivation! We treated ourselves to gelato at My Sugar (of course) afterwards.

I got a letter from Granny in the mail today and got to talk to Pop on the phone. It’s been so nice being able to stay in touch with my parents and grandparents because I do miss them a lot. Pop’s wise words for my stress about midterms were: “Stop thinking about studying, and just do it.” Very accurate. Happy Hump Day! xo ~e.


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