Coffee Tasting

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It was another chilly, drizzly day in Florence today, but it was rather nice throwing on an oversized sweater, my red Hunter boots, and a blanket scarf. Feels like fall! I had my coffee tasting activity sponsored by LdM this morning, and it was great! I’ve never had so much caffeine in my life. I probably won’t for a long time either 🙂

We, five LdM students (4/5 from Marist) and an LdM coordinator, Irene, went to three different bars to try different types of coffee: Giubbe RosseChiaroScuro, and I Dolci di Patrizio Cosi. It was very fun and relaxing drinking coffee and learning about Italian coffee culture. I probably should have eaten breakfast because I had 5 shots of espresso worth! I definitely felt the caffeine because my body started shaking, and I experienced an unpleasant headache. It was worth it though. Here are some photos:

My favorite place was ChiaroScuro because they had so many different flavors of espresso– bitter, sweet, nutty, chocolatey. Delicious! After all our coffee it was so nice eating a pastry fresh out of the oven at I Dolci di Patrizio Cosi. They are famous Italian cookies with a creme filling in the middle. We waited ten minutes for a fresh batch, and they were to die for. I drank all my coffees without sugar, and those who know me, know that I put way too much sugar/honey in my hot drinks. It’s a big deal for me to drink coffee and tea black now! The things Italy can teach you…

Here are some coffee facts I learned today from Irene:

  • Cappuccinos aren’t considered ‘coffee’; they’re referred to as milk with coffee
  • American coffee isn’t ‘coffee’ because it’s so watered down
  • No one drinks cappuccinos after 11 AM
  • People drink espressos after lunch and after dinner
  • At home some people use a French press to make their coffee
  • Bars here serve not only alcohol but also coffee (espressos, macchiatos, etc…)
  • No one gets coffee to go; instead, they stand at the bar and drink their coffee
  • This is called a Moka, and almost every Italian has one to make coffee230134059
  • Older Italians have a harder time digesting coffee as they age
  • Italians drink their coffee nearly every morning; it might as well be Americans’ OJ!

So there’s your Italian coffee 101 from me to you. I have loved getting to know more about coffee and trying different types! According to Irene, all the places we went to were ‘authentic’ Italian bars. I have to say, I’m still a sucker for cappuccinos.

I also got my package today from my mom! It was very exciting opening it, like Christmas morning. I ended up not needing my passport to pick it up; yesterday I was told I needed it! My mom graciously mailed me my purse from Leslie, an extra pair of headphones, and a lovely card.


Here’s also a group photo from pizza last night at Simbiosi.


xo ~e.


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