Culture Shock #4

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

It’s 8 PM on a Wednesday and after a half a pizza from Simbiosi and a heaping cup of gelato (pistachio and peanut butter), I am ready for bed! But first… I wanted to share with you a funny/gross culture shock I’ve experienced in Firenze.

Dog poop.

I love and adore dogs. I think they are the second best species on this planet other than humans. They are our best friends, our partners in crime, and our cure to stress and sadness. I miss my Kiara every day and can’t wait until I can surprise her in May. Luckily, my parents have promised that they pay attention to her and play ball with her.

There are so many dogs in Florence. They’re everywhere– in restaurants, stores, hotels, train stations, purses, you name it. People take their dogs wherever they want, and no one gives them a hard time for it.

I’ve really loved that aspect of Florence. It’s dog-friendly everywhere you go (unlike the U.S.). With that said, they, like us, have to go to the bathroom. And there’s not a whole lot of green grass on the cobblestone streets. Therefore, dogs poop and pee on the sidewalks and on the streets. This has definitely been an aspect of culture shock.

I’ve only seen one or two owners actually pick up after their dog once they do their business. Everyone else either pulls their dogs along while they’re trying to poop or watches them do their business before scurrying off, hoping no one notices. Well, we certainly notice. We see dog poop all the time while we’re out and about in the city. We smell it, look at the yellow puddles, and some of us have unfortunately stepped in it. Not always the most pleasant experience. The street cleaners do, however, clean the poop. But it’s impossible to get all of it.

Adjusting to this aspect of Florence was unexpected. It doesn’t change my attitude towards dogs (it does towards their irresponsible owners), and it solidifies the fact that sometimes life is just filled with s***. So with that, I hope you have a great day! xo ~e.



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