Craziness in Brandy

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It was a lazy day in Tuesday for me. I spent a combined five hours in La Ménagère doing homework and writing. I’ve concluded that next semester I want to take classes Monday-Thursday. I have the option of having no classes on Tuesday again, but I really don’t like having more off days than school days! Go figure! I’m in the process of picking my spring classes. It’s exciting and stressful!

Tonight there was a big (it’s all relative) Brandy Melville sale on the street parallel to us. We went around 8, and it was a mad house. There were so many girls packed into the store, and they all looked the same! Everyone was American. The style now is a showy tank top, joggers, and white shoes. I like Brandy clothes, but all their products are one size. Therefore, they fit a very specific body type– tall and thin. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s challenging to fit into them sometimes as a 5’1.25″ girl! Anyways, it was quite the scene. It was a taste of Black Friday; I’m not sure if that’s a thing here or not. We did get a free scrunchy out of it!

This experience was kind of exciting, despite the claustrophobic aspect, because it showed me how one store can connect so many young women. People love their brands, and we’re somewhere 4,000 miles away from the brand’s origin, yet there’s still an hour long line at the check out. I didn’t talk to anyone I didn’t know, but I observed them. American girls all over the world. xo ~e.


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