Culture Shock #3

Friday, September 30, 2016

How is it the last day of September already?! Today’s culture shock #3 presents the importance of cash. Florence is a cash flow city. Everywhere takes cash, and a lot of places don’t accept debit and credit cards. I have used my debit/credit card probably 5 times, not including using it for the ATM.

This has been something that has taken a little time to adjust to. In the States, you can use your card pretty much everywhere. But here, I’ve found myself using cash all the time. I take money out of my favorite bank on Fridays, and that lasts me till the next Friday. I use cash at the grocery store, at restaurants, at stores. I’ve found myself being more careful what I spend when I use cash because it’s harder to use cash than swipe a card.

When we go out to eat, we test our common-based knowledge for the check. On average, it takes us a good 10 minutes to figure out who owes what and how to scruff up enough money. It can be very entertaining. So there are definitely perks to using cash (convenience, accessibility, reliability), but it’s important to keep it hidden and protected. xo ~e.


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