Homemade Pasta & Cappuccinos

Thursday, September 29, 2016

It’s Thursday in Florence which means it’s the weekend! Today I had my first speech for my Public Speaking & Presentation Skills class. It was a celebratory speech that went very well! I am happy with my delivery, as was my professor. I will post the text to the speech later this weekend.

Today in cooking class we made homemade spaghetti with tomato sauce. It was one of the most satisfying bowls of pasta I’ve ever consumed! We made the dough by hand, kneaded it, put it through the pasta stretcher, and cut it into skinny strands on a “guitar.” For the sauce, we used a vacuum machine and steamers before emulsifying it and boiling it on the stove. Cherry tomatoes, garlic, evoo, and basil never tasted so good! Louis and I are still the dream team in the cooking classroom. We have a tendency to be finished first 🙂 Today was our last class in the Mercato Centrale. It’s such a beautiful kitchen. I thoroughly enjoyed our four classes there and look forward (sort of) to being at the Lorenzo de’Medici Institute cooking classroom for the rest of the semester.

Sasha’s friend from Uzbekistan, Michael, is in Florence for a few days, and we picked him up at the train station. He bought us white roses at La Ménagère! Such a sweet gesture. We took him for a walk and out to dinner. We feel like Florence tour guides! It is cool when Americans come up to us and ask for directions. Most of the time we can offer them accurate advice!


Today is National Coffee Day in the U.S.! This morning I got up at 7 and went to La Ménagère to relax before my speech at 9. I had a croissant and cappuccino, served by the cute barista. It was so refreshing being there so early in the morning with only a few other locals and workers; normally it’s packed and buzzing. Definitely one of my favorite spots! Reminds me of my go-to spot: South St. Café in Bennington, Vermont.


Tomorrow is a homework day and a planning for Ibiza day. Then Saturday I’ll be in Cinque Terre! Exciting weekend ahead to welcome October. xo ~e.

word of the day: bianca (white)


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