Voting Abroad

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I voted today! Before I left for Italy, I registered to vote at my town clerk’s office. The town clerk emailed me my ballot a few days ago, and I filled it out today and dropped it in the mail drop on Via del Giglio.

It felt very strange voting! It’s something I’ve only seen my parents do before now. I remember going in the little voting booth with my mom and playing in the navy blue curtain. I’d ask who she voted for, and she was kind enough to tell me; it didn’t matter since I had no idea who any of the candidates were. At that age, I couldn’t believe that I had to be 18 to vote. It felt like too many years ahead.

Another prime example of how time passes so quickly. I never could’ve guessed I would be voting for the 2016 Presidential Election in Italy. I have not been exposed to the politics back in the States like I would be if I was there. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I read a little about the debate that took place last night, but that’s it. I filled out the bubbles next to the names on my desk in my apartment. It brought me back to taking the SAT! Ha. I had to sign a certificate and put both papers in an envelope to mail to Vermont.

It was exciting voting, even though I didn’t get the full effect since I’m not in the U.S. There will be more elections to come, but as I thought about it the other day, you really don’t vote for a president too often in your lifetime. All I can say is that this election will certainly be one for the books. I’ll surely remember it. Make sure to vote on November 8! xo ~e.


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