Studying for My First College Quiz

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It’s Tuesday night, and I’m studying for my first college assessment! Tomorrow at 1:30 PM I have an Italian quiz. It’s covering just the basics: introductory questions, caffè (al bar) vocab, cibo (food), and formale vs. informale distinctions. I’ve studied altogether for about an hour and a half, so I’m feeling prepared. I can review more tomorrow morning, but I don’t want to get myself worked up too much about it.

Unlike high school, if you bomb a quiz or test in college, you may be screwed. In high school, I had quizzes nearly every week, so if you didn’t do well on one, you could make it up the next week. I’m not quite sure what to expect for this quiz, but I know my previous education has prepared me the best that it could’ve.

I finished my FYS journal today– 20 pages total! It was actually nice writing about traveling and personal experiences. I wrote at Caffeteria delle Oblate like planned and got lost on the way home with Sasha. It didn’t matter because we stumbled across the cutest bakery! I had a delicious chocolate cupcake with coconut frosting. It wasn’t too sweet which made it good. There was also a jar of Jif Peanut Butter in the window for 4.50 euro, and I bought it. It’s impossible to find Jif or Skippy’s in this city! I’m pretty sore from soccer yesterday, but it’s a good type of sore. I can’t wait for next Monday to play again.

That’s all from Florence today! xo ~e.

word of the day: pasta (pasta noodles or a pastry)


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