Futbol in Italia

Monday, September 19, 2016

It’s Monday! I am heading to bed soon because it’s almost Tuesday, but I wanted to write about my first soccer practice I had this evening. Lorenzo de’Medici offers a variety of clubs for its students, and I naturally was inclined to soccer club. I signed up on time along with nineteen other students from different schools in the United States, and we all met tonight for a scrimmage at a local turf field!

At 7 PM we took a tram (I didn’t know they existed in Florence until today…) to our soccer field. It was a 1.20 euro ride each way and approximately 10 minutes. There are five students in the FFE Program participating: me, Jill (my roommate), Colleen, Louis, and Alex. We finally talked to American students who don’t go to Marist, and they were very nice. Most of them were juniors!

When we got to the field, a group of young Italian men were scrimmaging. They were very good! We watched in awe before doing a quick warm up and getting into a relaxed scrimmage. I haven’t played soccer in so long since I didn’t do club soccer this year, and I’ve missed it a lot. It was great to be out there again competing, running, and getting some of my energy and stress out. On the whole, our skill level wasn’t top notch, but we had a lot of fun. That’s all you can ask for.

We arrived at the train station around 9 PM, and Jill and I got fresh, hot French fries for the 15 minute walk home. We’ll have soccer every Monday night until the end of November. I’m most definitely going to look forward to it every Monday! I have lots of reading this week, but I’m looking forward to doing my homework at Caffeteria delle Oblate tomorrow. xo ~e.


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