Walk Around Poem

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I just got home from a walk with my flatmate, Sarah. We went to the Ponte Vecchio and sat on one of the bridges to admire the golden moon and people watch. We were living on the edge sitting on the bridge. One slip and we would’ve fallen too many feet into the Arnold River. A man walking past me even did the shoving motion at me. It was one of those moments when you realize how beautiful the world is. We listened to live music in the Duomo piazza on our way there and back. A talented guitarist sang “Wake Me Up” and “The Scientist.” I love live music in public spaces where people stop to listen and watch. We’re back now, both working on our journals!

Part of my 30 page journal for First Year Seminar includes three “walk around” poems inspired by Frank O’Hara. We read The Day Lady Died and A Step Away from Them for homework last week and have discussed them in class on Monday and Wednesday this week. Today Prof. Graham gave us thirty minutes to walk around the city during class to gather inspiration. My table was instructed to walk towards the train station (five minutes from our classroom). I grabbed my turquoise pen I bought at the 99 Cent Store and a piece of paper to take notes. Here’s the final product I finished as soon as I got home from class so it was still fresh in my mind. xo ~e.

Word of the day: un pocco (a little)




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