Let’s Talk Snail Mail

Monday, September 12, 2016

Happy Monday from Firenze! I had my three mandatory freshman classes today (First Year Seminar, Italian, and Writing for College) with plenty of homework to do tomorrow on my day off. My biggest assignment on the horizon is a 30 page journal for my first year seminar. I started it today at this adorable hidden cafe on San Gallo. I sat myself down outside, surrounded by Italians and an adorable dog, and wrote while I sipping on a 2.50 freshly squeezed orange juice.


Blogger status 

Today I got mail– the first time I’ve gotten mail out of the U.S.!!! I walked to where all LdM students collect their mail and found two letters waiting for me: one from Caroline (at Bucknell) and one from Gracie (at the University of Indianapolis). I was stoked. Getting mail has always cheered me up, especially during my years at Emma Willard. Chris, the mail lady, and I became quite close, for I dropped letters off nearly every morning before class.  Letters can mean more than an email, text, snapchat, or phone call because there’s clear effort and care involved. It’s so exciting to open a letter and read the secret message inside, no matter the length. I sat down on the steps of a piazza I pass every day and read my letters with strangers and pigeons near.

I love receiving & sending mail, so if you want to be my pen pal, please write me! I promise to write back (with a Florence postcard), even though it might take a little while (international mail takes longer, and stamps here are 2.20 each).

Emma LeMay

c/o Istituto Lorenzo de’Medici

Via del Melarancio, 6/R

50123 Firenze, Italia


On another note, I ordered this backpack today on Amazon (yes, it exists in Italy)! I needed a bag for my classes and weekend trips. Herschel bags are in, and you can find them here. They’re reasonably priced ($50-$100)and have a classic look to them. It will be my first package received in Florence!

And lastly, my most recent article on FlockU was published today about how to make this school year the best one yet. Check it out here. xo ~e.

Word of the day: come va? (how are you)


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