Surviving the First Week of Classes

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Well, first week of college classes are complete! And… I’m feeling overwhelmed. It’s hard to have concrete expectations about college. College is so new and unique to a certain generation during a four year window. I nagged my friends last year (freshmen in college) about what homework was like, how the tests and quizzes were formatted, if the papers were hard. I realized these questions were all questions that I needed to find out for myself. And they have answers that I will discover in the next few weeks and months.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed about college is the amount of readings there are. In every class, I have reading to do. Lots of reading. I could choose not to do that reading, but that would be a waste of my college experience because I wouldn’t be getting the most out of my tuition. At Emma Willard, I did plenty of reading, annotating, analyzing texts, etc… However, this feels much more challenging because we are expected to do it all on our own and in a shorter period of time. I know I will adjust to this, but it feels stressful now.

The other hard part I’ve noticed about college is the small list of graded assignments. We really only have 2-4 graded assignments other than our mid-terms and finals. This puts the pressure on to get good grades on these assignments because failing isn’t an option. I have to have faith that if I continue to do my homework and stay on top of my syllabi, I will not fail.

On a more positive note, I love my communication and science classes! My public presentations class is one other freshman and 8-10 juniors and seniors. We have an awesome professor, and the class assessments are based on four different types of speeches: celebratory, informative, persuasive, and group. For my science class, I’m taking cooking. Yes, you heard me correctly. We get to work in this beautiful glass classroom with individual stations on the second floor of the Mercato Centrale with an Italian chef. We still have reading to do in that class along with a paper, but it will be fun to learn more about food and be hands on with it in the classroom.

On an even more positive note, it’s the weekend! I’m spoiled with these three day weekends. This afternoon I met up with a fellow Emma Willard classmate/hallmate who is completing her freshman year of college at NYU also in Florence. It was so relieving to see a familiar face in a foreign city. I have lots of errands to do tomorrow. Plus, doing my homework, organizing my planner, and going grocery shopping. It’s quite the student life. xo ~e.



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