Good Eats

Friday, September 9, 2016

I was so spoiled today; I ate two meals out. They were delicious and expensive, but it’s the weekend, and you have to treat yourself every once in a while.

This morning I had a meeting with my academic advisor, cappuccino with a friend (Sasha), and a four mile walk around fabulous Firenze! Sasha and I picked up our Topics in Nutrition book, our books specific to our classes, and our Topics in Nutrition outfits (a chef coat, chef hat, and apron). We walked all over the city to pick up our school materials. It was fun going places that we haven’t been to yet. New sites to see are always exciting–new shops, a place to get a fish pedicure. We passed the train station; that’s an important place to know! I’m planning on going there next weekend in order to travel to Rome to celebrate Sasha’s nineteenth birthday.

After our walking and errands, we were starved. We ate at my new favorite hang out area on our street: La Ménagère. It’s somewhat pricey, but it has a charming ambiance. I had a delicious sandwich- prosciutto, tapenade, pecorino, and greens. It came with rosemary fried potatoes and a small salad. So good!fullsizerender

For dinner, my flatmates and I decided to go out to dinner. We’ve all had a long day, and we didn’t feel like cooking (plus, we haven’t gone grocery shopping for the week). So we went out for pizzas! There’s another restaurant on our street we’ve wanted to check out: Simbiosi. Tonight was the night. We each got a pizza for 6-9 euros. I got one with salami and mozzarella. It was delicious! They cooked them to order in the pizza ovens. The pizzas here are large and designed for one person. Therefore, they aren’t pre-sliced; you have to cut them yourself! I couldn’t complain. I’ve never had such a fresh tasting pizza, and I didn’t even need a box. We finished our meal with gelato from our favorite place down the street called My Sugar. We’re close to becoming regulars there!


Dining out is an experience no matter where you are. It’s especially fun going out with friends and sharing a meal in a foreign country. Food is something we can all bond over, and there are so many places to eat in Florence! We’ve concluded that we’d rather try as many places as we can than going to the places we really like. xo ~e.




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