First Day of Classes

Monday, September 5, 2016

10:30 PM

Today is the first and last day I will have had class on Labor Day! Labor Day is not a national Italian holiday like it is in the U.S., thus classes were in session. I couldn’t complain because they went well! I really like my classmates and professors in addition to the Florentine classrooms. My classes range in size; my Italian class has only 8 girls, whereas my writing for college and first year seminar classes have over 13 people (18 max). Everyone was very focused and nervous for the first day. I was almost late to class at 9 AM, but my roommate and I made it just in time.

For lunch, I went to the Lorenzo de’Medici cafeteria. I have 33 meals for this semester there, and on the days when I’m too lazy to cook lunch, I’ll go there. The lunch man gave me a heaping bowl of pesto pasta and a Greek salad. It’s very convenient and satisfying!

I’m doing homework on the couch in my apartment right now. I liked getting my syllabi so I can plan accordingly for travel, etc… My planner is already filling up with color and assignments! I don’t have any classes tomorrow, but I have some more work to do and errands to run.

Our RAs took us out to a gelato tasting in honor of surviving our first day of classes. I’ve learned to always say ‘Yes!’ to gelato (especially when it’s free)!

My parents informed me that they got to go on a hike today. I miss them very much and can’t wait for them to explore this city in January! I also miss playing racquetball with my grandpa and picking raspberries with my grandma. I text my friends from high school nearly every day at some point, and it’s easy to see what people are up to on social media. That’s all for today! xo ~e.

Word of the day: piacere (nice to meet you)


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