Friday, September 3, 2016

First Friday in Florence! I’ll be spending roughly 36 Fridays in Europe… It’s hard to wrap my head around that.

Today we had an academic meeting with the Dean of Students (coincidentally a Marist alum) of Lorenzo de’Medici. He went over academic regulations, student conduct, safety, etc… It was boring and repetitive but a good reminder. The adults here are most worried about us skipping class due to travel plans and drinking irresponsibly. They are legit concerns, but I have faith that we won’t disappoint them.

At night, we had a Lorenzo de’Medici student reception. FREE FOOD! Two of the best words any college student can hear. We ate lots of food but stuck with our fellow FFEs. There were several hundred American students there from several schools, but they (upperclassmen) are intimidating to us freshmen. They look a lot older, dress a lot better, and look more put together. That’ll be us in a couple years! I embrace being a freshman because you’re only a freshman twice, and being a freshman resembles starting something new.

We went to an American bar in one of the piazzas after our reception. There were a lot of American students there, and inside there were college t shirts hung all over the walls and ceiling. People signed their names on their college shirts. Something to check off on the bucket list! It was my first time at a bar, and I felt comfortable and safe being with some of my friends. I didn’t have anything to drink, so I didn’t worry about some of the dangers drinking in a public place brings. And we all made it back at 11:30! Tomorrow we have a Chianti wine tour. Classes start in three days! xo ~e.

Word of the day: cincin (cheers)


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