Destination: Home

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

We are in our apartment in Firenze! The anxiety and anticipation bottled up among us during the four hour bus ride from Tuscania to Florence was palpable. I can’t believe this will be home for nine months. It’s so exciting.

Jillian and I are all unpacked in our room. We share an apartment with Sarah and Megan. We have two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a small kitchen, and a small living room. It’s very vintage looking, and we have cute tile floors. Although we don’t have a balcony like some of our abroad mates, we do have windows overlooking a gorgeous view of the Italian streets. I will do a photo tour of our apartment soon. We couldn’t have asked for a better freshman housing gig!

For dinner, Amelia (a girl from my hometown) and I went to an Indian restaurant after wandering on the streets for ten minutes. We practiced speaking Italian with our five days worth of vocabulary; we actually scraped by! We ordered our food, got a to go container, and paid the bill (26 euros- no tipping in Italy). The only mistake we had was ordering a coke instead of rice. It was funny, but we did get the rice eventually (riso).

I had an awkward racist encounter on the walk back to our apartment. A man came up to me and said “Nihao” while making a mocking gesture with his hands. I kept walking straight, but it took me by surprise. Hopefully I won’t be faced with more of those unnecessary racial comments. There’s not much you can do in those situations.

Tomorrow we will tour our new city that we don’t know much about. No more eating out every meal; we have to go to the market and cook in our apartments! I am looking forward to that after I understand where/how to buy produce. Home will always be America because that’s where my friends and family are, but home now is in Florence where I will make a new study abroad family. xo ~e.


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