Italia Day 4

Monday, August 29, 2016

11 PM

It’s late, and we have an early morning tomorrow, so it’s a short post tonight. The wifi here is still not strong enough to add photos to my blogs, but I will get them up ASAP! So many fun shots to show.

Today was my favorite day yet of orientation. We got up early and took a bus to Tuscania for a busy day of activities! We had an hour and a half of a full-immersion Italian class first. It was a real class, at a real school (Lorenzo de’Medici Tuscania), with a real professor. It was challenging, but I did my best to follow along, earning a “Perfecto!” from the professor after individually reading a list of verbs and their conjugates. I didn’t miss those while studying Chinese! Afterwards, we did a scavenger hunt in Tuscania. It was so much fun. We had to ask Italians to take photos of us at each destination. The first one was at a fountain, the second one at a gelateria (we got gelato too), the third one at a pharmacy (I asked for band-aids in Italian written on a sheet of paper), and the fourth one at a tabacchi (sort of like a convenient store in Italy).

We had two memorable moments during our scavenger hut. The gelato employee at the gelateria asked how long we would be in Tuscania for and if he could come clubbing with us tonight. In addition, a non-speaking English stranger gave us directions, but they were incorrect, and he had the decency to track us down and physically walk us to our next destination. He had the most adorable 17 month old girl.

After my group’s scavenger hunt, we had a five hour break. We ate gnocchi and drank white wine outside in the shade at a restaurant. Then we walked around without an intention of arriving at a certain place. That’s the best way to explore. We ended up getting coffee at a bar. I had my first macchiato; it was so strong, but I forced myself to not add sugar! We also went into a shoe store after siesta (it’s a real thing in Italy… Stores are closed normally from 1-4 PM for lunch/naps). The clothing and shoes was 20 euros or less! I got a cheap pair of sunglasses (5 euros) that looked like Ray Bans.

Lastly, we had a cooking class with an Italian instructor. He taught us how to make pasta and pomodoro from scratch. It was so fun and fascinating. The fifteen of us enjoyed the meal we made after. For many, that was their first time actually cooking in the kitchen! Luckily, it wasn’t mine (thanks, Mom & Dad).

We got back to our hotel around 7:30, and we all went down to the beach to hang out and watch the sunset. Those who took a dip got stung by jellyfish larvae! I was already in my PJs. Tomorrow we return to Florence and move into our apartments! We have another Italian class before then in Tuscania. xo ~e.

Word of the day: Io vorrei (I would like)


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