Italia Day 2

Saturday, August 27, 2016

It’s 2:30, and we have a break right now; I’m blogging from the beach! Orientation never had a more beautiful view. It is hot, but the ocean breeze is refreshing. We’ve had meetings since 9 AM, but I feel good after a nine-hour long sleep. At breakfast, I had my first European coffee, and it was delicious—dark, rich, and naturally sweet! Other than the coffee, they served bread and croissants. That seems to be the breakfast norm in Italy. I may have to make myself eggs and eat yogurt and fruit when we get to our apartment!

For our meetings, we did some icebreakers, introduced ourselves, and discussed our hopes and fears for the year. We just had lunch—pasta and pizza! We have one more meeting, and then we will have a longer break to relax on the beach before going out to dinner tonight. xo ~e.

11 PM

The rest of the afternoon was great. We had an hour long discussion with our RAs about things we wanted to discuss with someone other than an ‘adult.’ After that, we all went to the beach! We swam in the gorgeous (and warm) ocean, refreshed our summer tans, and played volleyball with some local Italian kids. That was very fun. It reminded me that it is possible for people who don’t speak the same language or come from the same background to get along with each other and bond over something simple: a game. It’s moments like these that make me excited about living in Italy for nine months.

We went out to a restaurant in Tarquinia called Girardengo Ristorante. I can get used to these four meal courses (after I start running, that is)! They had two bottles of white wine at each table, and most of us drank a glass or two. It’s nice being able to drink in an environment where wine is appreciated throughout a whole meal, and there isn’t pressure to binge drink. It was a wonderful welcome dinner, and we all toasted to each other for deciding to come to Florence for our first year of college. Everyone dressed very nice. We’re a nice looking group of freshmen!

It’s been another long yet fulfilling day, so I’m ready for bed. I’ve had good luck with beating jet lag! xo ~e.

Word of the day: grazie (thank you)


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