A Bittersweet End to Summer

August has been so incredibly busy that keeping up with my blog has been extremely challenging. Today is my second to last day in the United States! My flight to Florence is in precisely 48 hours, and my emotions are all over the place. One moment I can barely contain my excitement then before you know it I’m in tears because I don’t want to leave just quite yet. In December when I got my acceptance letter to Marist, August 25 seemed like it was in the very distant future. And here I am now feeling like it’s too soon to be true. But like the saying goes, “If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting our whole lives.”

This summer has been the best summer of my life yet. Working, going on trips, hanging out with friends and family, spending time by myself at South Street Café. It’s been a refreshing and rejuvenating three months in Vermont. Although I am quite sad about leaving my home and the people I consider a part of my home, I am so anxious to embark on my freshman year abroad!

It’s been the nicest August, and lately we’ve had the best weather! Yesterday it felt like a beautiful fall day, and today was another gorgeous sunny day. It’s not too hot or humid in Vermont, but it will be in Italy! Forecast is calling for high 90s next week during our orientation.

Earlier this month, I went to visit Nicki in Ridgewood, NJ. We had the best couple days together, and it felt so good to be reunited. She is someone who I have missed so much this summer after spending almost every day together for the past four years. We hung out in New York one night, went bowling the other night, and the rest of the time we just laughed and talked about everything that’s a part of our unique friendship. Nicki is moving into Syracuse tomorrow! I can’t wait to visit her next year and attend basketball games at the Carrier Dome.


Two Emma Girls spotted on the streets of Manhattan

Last Sunday my dad turned 65! He’s looking younger every day. We had a lovely afternoon in Saratoga Springs with his half-sister, Leslie. We ate lunch at Boca Bistro before taking a stroll in the park and going to the Saratoga Racetrack for the first time ever. We soaked in every detail at the racetrack from the grandstand – what people wore, what people drank, what people did, what the horses looked like, what the jockeys did. We bet $2 on our first race, and we had a winning horse! It was exciting getting $6 for our bet. Beginners luck, right? Unfortunately, we lost our two following races.  It was very fun, and we’ve wanted to go to the racetrack for a long time. What better day to go than on my dad’s birthday?!


We borrowed Nana’s hats for the occasion

This past weekend my parents, grandma, and boyfriend, and I traveled to Ferry Beach for a short getaway. The four of us camped in the grove, and Granny stayed in Quillen. Ferry Beach is such a special place to us because we’ve been going there for years, and it’s where my mom and dad first vacationed together. We had an amazing full two days at Ferry Beach. We walked to the tide pools Friday night to step on barnacles and look at crabs. In addition, we had the most gorgeous view of the moon rising, and its path from the ocean followed us back to Ferry Beach. Friday night there were three skunk sightings in the campground, and one of them was in our site! It sniffed Jacob’s foot before scurrying off. He kept his cool way better than I would’ve (only because he didn’t want to get sprayed). Saturday afternoon we took a paddle board for a go and capsized more than five times, and Saturday night we went to OOB for some cheap entertainment. Sunday morning we climbed on the jetty. We savored three meals a day in the dining room at Ferry Beach and didn’t want to leave on Sunday afternoon. But all great vacations must come to an end.


Posing on Ferry Beach’s good ole boardwalk

Last night I went to the Washington County Fair with Nana & Pop (another tradition). We devoured a scrumptious chicken dinner at the 4H building we always go to. A piece of chicken, baked potato, corn on the cob, and dinner roll never tasted so good. For dessert, we had maple milkshakes and ice cream. Delish! I couldn’t get them on any rides, but we did get a ride on a golf cart to the car. And we did witness some of the madness involved in a demolition derby! We love the Washington County Fair, and we’ve been going to it for years now. It’s the perfect way to end summer vacation because it’s practically the same every year, there’s a clear sense of the fair’s buzz, and there’s always people you run into that you know.

Today my dad and I had a father-daughter day. We did some errands then took Kiara to downtown Troy where we enjoyed a nice lunch at the Whistling Kettle. We discovered this spot during my senior year and have returned to it several times! On our way home, we stopped at Moxie’s for one last cone before summer’s end.

Tomorrow is officially my last day of summer. I’ll be completing the final touches on my packing and cherishing every moment. Yes, an ending to summer is always sad, but there’s a whole new adventure in store. xo ~e.



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