My blogging has gotten away from me in the past few weeks! July has come and will be gone very shortly. It’s been an exciting month nonetheless… Turning 18, preparing for Italy (I’ll be flying one month from today!!!), being in Florida, picking blueberries, going to Boston and New York (tomorrow). Eating delicious food. Here’s some recaps of this month…


Celebrating my eighteenth birthday in Boston and with Georgetown Cupcakes on July 17

My parents and I had a great night in Boston last weekend. We took a bus from Nashua, NH into the city (South Station) and stayed at a Marriott on Sunday night. It was a gorgeous day to celebrate a special birthday, and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it with anyone else. We relaxed on a lawn outside of our hotel, shopped on Newbury Street, and ate dinner at Piatinni. It seemed only fitting to enjoy an Italian dinner for my birthday! It was exquisite cuisine. We thoroughly loved each bite of mussels, shrimp scampi, lobster ravioli, and scallops (not to mention cupcakes)! On Monday, I had my highly anticipated appointment at the Italian Consulate. As my grandpa said, “I was quite wired.” Luckily, I had everything I needed, and my visa arrived! It came on Friday, four days after my appointment. I am officially going to Florence!


Picnic with my parents on July 22

My mom came home on Friday, and we both picked my dad up from the bus stop. Afterwards we enjoyed a picnic on the Manchester Green. As you can tell, it was a healthy and delicious picnic! Naan bread, berries, carrots, and prosciutto. We were going to go to the Arlington Carnival; however, I got a call from Jacob that his dad had forgotten his car keys in Florida. So the two of us drove in his car to Albany and back. The trip to Five Guys for burgers and shakes made it worth it!


Ran my first 5K with Fayla on July 23

I ran my first 5K with Fayla this past Saturday. It was a warm day, but we ran early in the morning. I was proud to have finished in 30:50 minutes, despite having to slow down because Fayla’s legs started cramping! It was a great experience and for a good cause– Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

Pre-run breakfast (resulting in no cramps):

  • Pineapple
  • Berries (raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries)
  • 1 piece of naan
  • 1 cup of water

Went to the Valleycats vs. Vermont Lake Monsters baseball game with my grandparents and Jacob on July 24

Last night my grandparents, Jacob, and I took part in a longstanding family tradition- going out to a ball game. It was a wonderful night to watch the Valleycats take on the Lake Monsters. I found myself rooting for both teams, but the Valleycats pulled off the win during the bottom of the ninth inning. The game lasted a full 3 hours, but we still had time for ice cream at Moxie’s afterwards! I’ve loved going to the Joseph L. Bruno Stadium to watch these baseball games with my grandparents for as long as I can remember. I hope we can make it to another one before August 25 comes around.

In addition, I’ve been doing my freelance writing and working at the inn and my internship at MJG Interiors. Check out some of my recent work:

Pages I designed for the MJG Interiors website can be found here and here.

Several of my articles have been published on FlockU and SOCIETY19. Read about the upcoming season of “Bachelor in Paradise”, encouragement for going out to see a play this summermy original must-know recipes, and thoughts we all have on the beach.

The fact that I only have one month left at home has hit me in different emotional waves. I’m excited. Nervous. Anxious. Those who spend a lot of time with me may describe me as ‘cranky’ too right now. There’s lots of change to come, and it’s challenging to cope with. However, it’s good change. I’m ready for something different, and my nine months in Florence will be unforgettable and life changing.

I met with my daycare person, Stacy, this morning for coffee, and we caught up on the past 18 years. She reminded me that life’s full of different chapters, and every adventure is a new chapter. Chapters end differently, and there are twists and turns. It’s important to embrace those.

I can’t fight the change that’s to come or make time slow down or speed up. I can, however, make the best of my time left at home. This means not stressing too much, packing gradually, and spending time with my closest friends and family. There will be tough goodbyes, but rejuvenating reunions to look forward to. I hope you can enjoy the last month of summer as much as I will. xo ~e.



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