Summer is wonderful. Too bad it goes by so quickly! I feel like I’ve lost control of my summer schedule. I went from working once a week to working 5 days a week! I can’t complain though because I am making money that I will need for Florence. My flight is officially booked for August 25! That means there are less than two months home. Two months to savor.

Since I’ve returned from Florida, I’ve caught up on my journaling, worked, and cooked. Saturday afternoon my mom and I went to my grandparents’ house to make them lunch; we threw together classic Vermont grilled cheeses and my delicious summer salad. They didn’t spit it out, so that’s a good sign!

Today and tomorrow my dad and I are visiting my mom at her apartment. Finally! We even brought Kiara and have enjoyed being away from home yet still in Vermont. My mom has an adorable one bedroom apartment. It’s a little tight for all four of us, but we’re making do. We love that we can walk to Price Chopper and Rite Aid. That’s unheard of in our neck of the woods! It’s nice that we can celebrate her birthday tomorrow together. That reminds me– I’ll be turning 18 on Sunday! Can’t wait to go to Boston with my parents and be a legal adult. Fingers crossed on the student visa!

It’s that time when I’m beginning my packing list for Florence. It’ll be hard to squeeze 9 months into three bags, but I’m carefully planning out my packing. Stay tuned!

Be sure to check out my articles that were published today. They made my dad laugh, so I hope they make you laugh too. xo ~e.




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