Today was the last day of my high school academic career. The high school career that started and ended at Emma Willard in addition to the career that followed my middle school career at Maple Street. It’s hard to believe that the twelve years of 8-3:20 PM school days are over. I will miss them dearly. Noted in recent reflection, I have been fortunate enough to experience private school education for my entire educational career. I thank my parents, my grandparents, and my friends for the opportunities arisen and taken. Graduation is five days away, and the next school I will attend classes at is Marist College.

The moment when you decide where you go to college is the most highly anticipated moment in many students’ lives. We undergo a twelve year build up to determine where four years of our lives will take place. Not just any four years– four years that will hopefully result in a college degree and a “well paying job”. After we know what path we’ve chosen, we feel relief yet also anxiety. Anxiety about meeting new friends, figuring out a routine, doing well in classes. These are all things that I got to tackle as a fourteen year old at prep school and things I will be doing again in the fall of this year (in Florence) and next year (in Poughkeepsie). Ending my high school academic career is a tremendous milestone. The next graduation will be college, and after that I’ll really be in the world on my own. There won’t be another dorm to move into or another freshman orientation to attend. It’s these facts that remind me how fast time moves and that it can be hard to keep up.

As I ponder my high school and middle school years, I can only hope that my passion for learning will continue to grow throughout college. I love being in the classroom with peers and teachers. I love the pace and routine of a student. I love having a plethora of challenges to solve. Many years of learning are now behind me, and I look forward to utilizing the skills, lessons, and experiences I have learned previously in college (and grad school).Thank you, high school (specifically Emma Willard). You have taught me more than I could’ve imagined and will continue to change the lives of many empowered young women. It’s an exciting time to be a young adult, ready to take on what’s to come. xo ~e.


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