Senior Skip Day

Today was an extremely memorable day of senior year: Senior Skip Day! Senior Skip Day is a rare tradition that Emma Willard has along with basically every other high school in the United States. However, us Emma Willard students don’t classify it as a 100% Senior Skip Day because the day has to be approved by the school administration, and the teachers are notified. But hey, we’ll take what we can get. I can see how Senior Skip Day can be frustrating from a teacher’s perspective; they prepare a lesson for class, and their students don’t show up. With that said, seniors have worked extremely hard and aren’t even processing anything by the end of May. Is one day off really going to kill anyone? I had an excellent Skip Day and celebrated it with two of my best friends. This is what my day looked like…

I didn’t even set my alarm because a) I knew I wouldn’t sleep past 8:30 because I’ve trained my body to automatically wake up before then. b) I’m pretty sure “setting alarm” isn’t on the Skip Day to-do list. I slowly made my way down to the dining hall for my daily cup of Earl Grey and sat with Sarah, a girl from my Chinese class. I’ll admit I rubbed Senior Skip Day a bit in her sophomore face. It’ll be her Skip Day soon enough though. After my tea, I continued writing my end of the year/end of Emma career letters to my teachers and faculty members who have heavily impacted my four years here. We graduate in precisely 10 days. That’s unfathomable.

Caroline picked Nicki and me up at 10, and we left campus cheerful and ready to have a girls day. We went to the mall where we got Starbucks, got our eyebrows waxed, and shopped. A Francesca’s store opened today, and they had a 2 for $20 watch deal. I’ve been on the lookout for a watch so I can use it next year in Europe (military time confuses me more than it should). I found one that fit like a glove both physically and in terms of circumstances! It’s perfect for my future European/world travels.

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Watch from Francesca’s Collection ($18)

The three of us also played with an adorable 10 week old chocolate labor doodle. The employee told us we could only play with her if we were seriously interested in purchasing her (for $1600). We really wanted to play with her, so Nicki and Caroline convincingly explained that we were Siena students living in an apartment and wanting a dog to join us. It worked! The puppy was adorable, and we know she’ll get out of that sad puppy store soon. We told the employee we would check with our landlord and come back if it was a go. Although we aren’t going to return for the puppy, it was fun thinking that we would! We must’ve said “We’re so old” about ten times today. In a lot of ways, we are old! Old kids. Young adults. It’s fun telling people we are college students and not having them question us. Makes us feel more mature (even though this little stunt wasn’t the best example to showcase our maturity).

By 11:30 we were starving. We joked about going to Hooters for an experience to laugh about, but we ended up going to Chili’s instead. We enjoyed a nice lunch then decided to make dessert at Caroline’s house. We stopped at Price Chopper for strawberries, bananas, and chocolate chips. I think you know where this is going. As soon as we got to Caroline’s, we dipped the fruit in the melted chocolate and popped them in the freezer. We had to run out again for Caroline’s orthodontist appointment. I left my phone at her house and caught up with my Seventeen Magazine reading. I hope someday I’ll be listed as one of their interns.

Once we got back to Caroline’s, we ate our yummy dessert that made our teeth hurt from the cold (didn’t stop us from enjoying them). We lounged around poolside bathing in the sun. I’m trying desperately to make my goggle tan from lacrosse disappear. I’m off to a good start after today. It was in the high 80s both today and yesterday. This weather has been crazy, going from cold to hot with not much in between. But it felt relaxing– the three of us just hanging out by the pool with Caroline’s dogs. Caroline’s younger twin siblings came home later in the afternoon which caused a little more volume and excitement; we didn’t mind.

We bounced around on the trampoline and played “Popcorn” until we broke a serious sweat. After that we enjoyed a non-school pizza dinner before heading back to school at 7:30.

As you can tell, it was a lively and successful Skip Day. There are only 10 days left where I will be surrounded by such amazing friends I’ve met at Emma Willard. We’re all going in different directions next year, but if we make it a priority to stay in touch with each other, we will; I firmly believe that. Our futures are bright, and our pasts will be remembered fondly. Cheers to another unforgettable day as a senior!

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Caroline, Nicki, Emma 



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